Product Improvements
  • Add-on features are now apparent on the settings page.
  • Both merchants and vendors will be able to reset account passwords in the portal once logged in
  • Merchants with the Whitelabel add-on enabled can now add custom CSS through the entire vendor portal.
Product Improvements
  • Vendor logo now links to merchant's website if white-label is enabled. Previously, clicking this did nothing.
  • Significantly improved the payout logs to be able to handle large datasets.
  • Rolling out new merchant universal admin log-in page (you will receive an email introducing this).
  • Currency and timezone changes on your Shopify store will automatically be updated on PuppetVendors.
  • Ability to enter negative commissions and payout amounts to custom items.
  • Improved store-level issue-tracking system.
  • You can now switch to a yearly plan and save up to 20%.
Support Improvements
  • Improved support system with auto-store detection. Our support team will not need to request store identification if you chat with us via the merchant portal.
  • Support for product meta-fields
  • Merchant-Vendor chat system
  • Both merchants and vendors will be able to reset account passwords in the portal once logged in
  • Improved dashboard for merchants
  • Improved product logs for change identification
  • Mobile app for vendors (iOS & Android) to support push notifications
We're progressively migrating all order numbers to support prefixes and suffices you set on Shopify. Please expect an ongoing update going forward starting today.
Please note that old orders
will not
be migrated.
We have now made it possible for products to be published directly to the Online Store and POS channel without the need to manually do it.
Simply visit
Settings -> Products
and select an option.
You can now add custom fields to the vendor's signup page. See a demo walk-through in the recording below.